Ambasada Kenya

Reprezentarea diplomatica si consulara a Republicii Kenya in Romania este asigurats de Ambasada Kenyei in Germania.

Ambasador: E.S. Dl. H. Mutuma KATHURIMA


Adresa: 10969 Berlin, Markgraffenstrasse 63

Telefon: (0049-30) 259.26.60

Fax: (0049-30) 259 26 65


Program de lucru: luni-vineri 9.00-13.00; 14.00-17.00


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Vrabie Catalin September 5, 2012 at 12:58

Hi there,

I am a romanian citizen and I want to travel to Kenya. Will you please tell me if I need a viza for that, and if the answer is yes, what should I provide and were in order to obtain one.

All the best,
Catalin Vrabie

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